CR Lab home use

CR Lab home use-all regimens

PRESHAMPOO – apply directly on dry scalp and gently massage to spread evenly. Leave for 15 minutes. 

SHAMPOO - damp your hair (do not rinse PRESHAMPOO) and wash it using GREEN, purple or yellow  SHAMPOO. Rinse thoroughly.

VIALS- In last phase apply Hair Loss Treatment

Strong Action -  apply it directly on scalp trying not to apply on hair. Most will use the whole vial but it is not necessary. Apply in dots to prevent spreading to unwanted areas. Press into the skin. 

MILD ACTION - These Vials are oilier so hair will be greasy after applying them. We recommend to use them in the evening. 

When applying vial, remember it is highly active and skin redness alternating feelings of cold and burning skin are normal reactions and you shouldn't worry about them. These sensations will disappear in about 20 minutes. If the liquid from the vial gets on the skin of face or neck, the redness will appear but it will disappear after 15-20 minutes. Wash hands thoroughly after application.


Apply on the lower side of neck every day, and switch sides (one day on the right and the next day on the left and so forth) always leave it for 12 hours. Apply best at night

For best results, we recommend the full treatment, twice a week. 

Each of these products (pre-shampoo, shampoo, vials) is for scalp application only. Applying them on whole hair will not improve or speed up effects. Please, use only as recommended.

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