CR Lab Tricological Treatments

Is there something going on with your scalp? Do you feel as though you are losing your hair or maybe you find yourself oily at times, or is dandruff and itching and issue? We can help with our tricolgical treatments at latherhouse.

These treatments are available as a service in the salon and for home use.


Provides two months of treatment fighting hair loss and giving volume, strength and new life to miniaturized, thin and weak hair. To achieve these results, our products work in several ways:

Dermopurifying Action. Purifies the scalp, reducing the bacteria load and fighting the presence and formation of free radicals. These free radicals are harmful for hair growth because they can have a negative effect on hair metabolism.
Anti-hair Loss Action. The active ingredients in our products (like Serenoa Repens extract) inhibit 5-alpha-reductase activity, the primary cause of hair loss and hair miniaturization.

Regenerating Action. This mixture of well-studied essential oils stimulate microcirculation, increasing oxygen and nourishment to the hair root, enabling the scalp to eliminate toxins. Apple stem cells are utilized in this CRLAB Protocol, because of their capability in stimulating cell growth and in reinforcing hair bulb metabolism.


Havogen 5 is a patch which slowly releases the active principle through the skin for 12 hours after application. Thanks to powerful antioxidant agents and Vitamin E, Havogen 5 actively fights free radical formation. The Serenoa Repens extracts and the 5alpha avocuda (derived from Avogado extracts), sebum and DHT inhibitor, with L-Cistein (a great keratinising agent) and group B Vitamins (very important as nourishment for the hair bulb), all together working to fight hair loss and improve hair growth. The silk proteins contained in its formula, enhance hair structure giving thickness and shine.

Havogen 5 has five important actions:

reducing 5alpha reductase activity,
fighting and inhibiting free radicals formation,
nourishing the hair bulb,
fighting hair loss,
protecting hair structure.


Purifies the scalp and frees it from excess sebum (oily) production that could affect the hair bulb metabolism. The excess sebum (caused by hormones, stress, food, etc.) could have a very negative influence on hair quality, making it dirty, heavy, weak and thin. To provide strength to hair, the protocol works on the scalp thanks to a well-studied essential oil mixture with great “astringent” capacity and several plant extracts with a high nutritive activity.

The azelaic acid is a strong antibacterial agent with the capacity to control sebum production. This Protocol is highly effective also for oily dandruff because the formula’s active principles fight Malassezia Furfur formation, the contributing cause of dandruff formation and recurrence. The Edelweiss Plant stem cells are added to this Protocol because of their balancing and regenerating action. We select for this line the Sapphire Gemstone: it reinforces hair bulb metabolism providing important microelements for healthy hair growth.


Fights persistent dry dandruff, helping those with irritations, scalp tenderness, redness, itchiness, etc. Due to the great soothing properties of these products, the essential oils of this Trichological Protocol have the capacity to stop dehydration (enhancing scalp moisturization) and have a soothing and rejuvenating effect.

The alpha-hydroxy-acids have a deep regenerating effect due to strong “keratinolytic” activity Hydrolyzed collagen restores the scalp connective layer and provides moisturizing action. Dandruff recurrence is avoided, by using antibacterial agents that fight Malassezia Furfur proliferation, the main contributing factor of dandruff formation. Rhododendron plant stem cells: this provides regenerating capability.





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