The CRLab hair loss line potently fights thinning and shedding problems, giving volume, energy and vitality to the miniaturized and thin hair.

Apple stem cells characterize the CRLab hair loss line, because of their great capacity to stimulate the cells growth, reinforcing and increasing the hair bulb vitality.

In order to obtain this result, our products work in different ways

Purifying Principles:

We purify the scalp, reducing the bacterial load and contrasting the presence, formation and resurgence of dangerous free radicals that damage hair, influencing negatively their metabolism and improving hair growth.

Anti Hair Loss Principles:

Some specific active ingredients contained into our products (like serenoa repens extract) contrasting the 5-alpha reductase enzyme activity, main cause of hair miniaturization and consequently hair loss.

Regenerating Principles:

A very important action is the reactivation of micro blood circulation, that gives new nourishment to the hair bulb and allows to the hair to delete correctly waste substances. This is possible thanks to a very well studied essential oils mix.

Nourishing and Hair Loss Prevention Principles:

Nourishing and hair loss prevention principles: thanks to a lot of natural extracts, ruby extract and apple plant stem cells, we can nourish the hair, giving everything it needs for growing stronger and healthy. All this has an invigorating effect : the hair will be thicker, it will grow faster and less inclined to fall.

CRLab hair line for dehydrated and sensitive skins is the specific one for persistent and dry dandruff, with great soothing properties, so it can be useful for redness, sensitization and itching problems too.

The essential oils contained in this trichological line have the capacity to prevent strong dehydration (reinforcing the scalp), give soothing to the scalp and to contrast redness and pain. The alpha- hydroxy acids have a deep regeneration properties thanks to their great keratinolityc capability.

The hydrolyzed collagen completes these actions, reconstituting the damaged connective tissue and giving greater hydration to the scalp.

Persistent dandruff problems could be eradicated contrasting the Malassezia Furfur pathogen proliferation using strong active ingredients with high antibacterial proprieties. In fact, in present of dandruff, there is a great proliferation of this pathogen and we can’t solve dandruff problem if we don’t fight its proliferation and growth.

A powerful pro-biotic principle balances the scalp, encouraging increase of useful microorganism for a right skin metabolism.

The CRLab antisebum line (also for scalp affected by dandruff) work purifying the scalp and eliminating an excess sebum productions that could affect hair bulb metabolism.

The excess sebum (caused by hormones activities, stress or bad diet) affect a lot the quality of the hair life that will be heavy, thin and brittle.

To give force to our hair we work on the scalp with particular essential oils with a great astringent properties and well-selected plant extracts with a strong nourishing capacity.

Some of specific essential oil of this trichological line are: the jojoba extract (its composition is very similar to natural human sebum) and avogado extract that is a good regulator of sebum production. Laminaria and Fomes extracts have a extraordinary astringent capability and helps hair to be free from suffocating presence of sebum. The regenerated scalp, thanks to our treatments, will be ready to take nourishment from our products.

Moreover, the azelaic acid is a strong antibacterial, with good astringent activity and a very good capacity to control sebum production.

This trichological line is perfect also for greasy dandruff anomalies, because we use in its formulation active principles that fight Malassezia proliferation, important contributory cause of dandruff formation.

Edelweiss stem cells characterize CRLab anti sebum line, because of their strong rebalancing properties that influence positively hair growth.





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