Home care for extensions-all methods

●  Your new extensions will be tight at first. You can massage your scalp, if you find relief from that. The snug feeling will loosen up after a day or so. You can take a pain reliever ahead of your install if you'd like and then throughout the first couple of days if necessary.

●  Wait 48 hours to shampoo for the first time.

●  Shampoo your base and condition your ends. Try using a sulfate free product like R&Co Oblivion clarifying Shampoo and Conditioner. This product is excellent on long hair. FYI: Pureology seems to be particularly bad on extensions. Stay away from this brand.

●  Try not to put your hair in a high ponytail for 1 week. Wear it low to your neck.

●  Dry your bonds on low heat or air dry. Do not over heat or melt your bonds with a dryer or hot tool.

●  Do not braid or bind hair when wet.

●  Dry bonds before bed.

●  Gently brush your extensions at least morning and night, tangles are NOT your friend. Brush your extensions, starting at the longest point, while supporting the base and working your way up. Use an extension brush or soft boar hair brush to brush the bonds. You can not over-brush. Many find that keeping a brush in their purse and using it often helps keep the extensions soft and detangled throughout the day.

●  Sleep with them bound in a braid to keep tangling to a minimum.

●  Your normal styling product regimen will need to be altered. Anything that has hold: gel, mousse, hairspray will be way to strong on your extensions. Use these products minimally and try to keep them on your natural hair. Do not put any products on your bonds. Stay away from products that have protein and silicone in them such as moroccan oil.

●  Use as little product as possible; Preferably, none.

●  Hot tools such as curling irons, flat irons and hair dryers are generally safe. Extension hair can be damaged just as easily as our hair so be cautious not to over heat. Medium heat should be sufficient with all of your tools. AGAIN: do not over heat the bonds as they can melt.

●  Sunscreen can alter the color of your extensions, especially blondes. Never put sunscreen on your extensions and pull your extensions up when you have sunscreen on your neck and shoulders.

●  If you are going to be in a pool or ocean contact your stylist for instructions.

In order for us to guarantee our work, it is imperative you use best practices and products at home. Be sure to consult your stylist when choosing products for your extensions.

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