3. Tap your photo and locate latherhouse in the search menu.

4. Click done.

This will allow your photo to appear in a special section on our page.

What's in it for you?   A $5.00 discount per tag to be used on services or products through the month of March.          

The Fine print:

Good hair days and latest styles only. If we did your hair, and it's a great hair day, TAG US! There is no cash value to this promotion. Each tag has it's own value of $5.00. These tags can not be added together for one big discount. A discount of $5.00 will be applied to each item purchased with no limit on tags or purchases. Example: 3 tags + 3 products or services = ($15.00 value) OR 10 tags + 5 products or services = ($25.00 value) We are happy to answer any questions!! Tag and redeem before the end of July.



​​2. Tap the tag people button

Do you want discounts towards products and services? 

Tag latherhouse on Instagram in your "good hair day" photos. No explanation required, just a tag with you and your fabulous hair.

Here is how:

1. From within the Instagram app, add or edit a photo.