It’s a New Year and it’s a great time to try something new. During the month of January, we will be offering 50% extension installation! Did you know that extensions are an excellent way to fill in sparse or thinning areas? Many think that extensions are just for long luxurious locks but with the evolving technology in the industry, we can now offer a very natural looking effect for those that are thin or fine and would like to add density and volume. At Latherhouse, we offer two types of hair extensions: fusion and itip. Each method has different benefits depending on what you are trying to achieve. Lets schedule a consultation to see which method is best to achieve your hair goals.

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20% OFF whipped Treatment:

​Long-lasting, color-saving, treatment conditioner that preserves shine, luster, and the tone of applied hair colors. Using a medley of rejuvenating natural ingredients, it is exceedingly kind to hair, making it softer, stronger, thicker, fuller. Great for needy hair types, and those that like a weekly treat.

January Promotions