When you're done with your tagging and editing, press share. This will allow your photo to appear in a special section on our page. Our hopes are that others will see your hair in all of its natural fabulousness. As a thank you to you, we will give you $5.00 off per tag, per product or Service for the whole month of March!

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Hair Color extender is new at latherhouse. We have been around and around in circles trying to help our dear clients stay on top of their needs. So many of our clients need their outgrowth covered more often than their budget or time allows. We are excited to say that we have found a wonderful solution that we think you'll like. This is hair color extender. It is a mini, professional-coloring kit for a single use with your exact formula.                   $35.00

click here for a video, on how to.

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Are you ready for this?!! Do you want to earn discounts towards products and services while helping out your favorite hairdressers? We are trying to build out our instagram profile and it takes team work. It is quite the process and without getting into the details of algorithms, the gist of it is-we need activity and engagement. 

Here is what we would like you to do!

On instagram, the social media platform,​ "tag" latherhouse in photos of your great hair days. You don't need to promote us or even say anything about us at all, unless of course you want to. You just need to tag "latherhouse" in your photo. View here for the correct way to tag latherhouse:

​Upload your photos and before hitting share, locate the "tag people" button:


Infused with aloe vera and ginger, ARROJO’s ReFINISH dry shampoo cleans hair without water by absorbing excess oils. Creates texture and volume while protecting hair from damage caused by daily cleansing. A miracle style rescue that leaves hair feeling thick and manageable.