We are latherhouse, a collaborative of creative hairstylists in Lakewood, Colorado. Working with clients all over the Denver Metro, we’ve gained a reputation for our wide range of expert hair services and ability to work with unique or challenging hairstyles. The stylists at our salon bring distinct skill sets, whether you're looking for a classic cut, an adventurous new color, or extensions customized just for you. With a focus on using only the highest-quality products and continued education, we are proud of our work that transforms people and exceeds expectations.

Meet Bria, the dynamic force behind Latherhouse as our lead Salon Coordinator. She's been making waves in the beauty industry since 2015 when she first stepped into the scene as a talented stylist. Originally hailing from the charming state of Arkansas, Bria brought her vibrant energy to Colorado in 2016 and hasn't looked back since!

With her fingers on the pulse of all things beauty, Bria's expertise spans across hair, skincare, airbrush makeup, and even management. She's a true multitasking maven who knows how to get things done while keeping the atmosphere lively and fun.

When she's not busy making everyone look fabulous, you'll find Bria rocking it out in the music production industry. She's got an ear for all types of tunes and spends her free time working shows and jet-setting around for music-related adventures. Talk about living life to the beat!

But wait, there's more! Bria is also a passionate volunteer, lending her time and skills to the non-profit organization "Conscious Alliance." They're all about using art to feed and support the community, and Bria is proud to be part of their awesome mission. Way to make a difference, Bria!

Colorado living suits her well, as she embraces the outdoor thrills the state has to offer. Whether she's shredding the slopes on a snowboard, pitching a tent for a camping escapade, or exploring the local hidden gems, Bria knows how to seize the day and have a blast while doing it.

With her contagious enthusiasm, impeccable skills, and adventurous spirit, Bria brings an extra dose of playfulness and excitement to the Latherhouse team. Trust us, when Bria's around, it's never a dull moment!


Rosie is one of latherhouse's talented salon managers, she specializes in Inventory management and social media. Over the years, she has honed her skills in various industries, including food, retail, and management. Now, Rosie is excited to embark on a new chapter in her career as a specialist at Latherhouse.

At Latherhouse, Rosie's main focus is ensuring that every customer has a memorable and enjoyable experience. From warmly greeting clients at the door to addressing their needs throughout their visit, she takes pride in creating a welcoming atmosphere. Rosie genuinely enjoys getting to know the diverse clientele at Latherhouse, building meaningful connections with each individual she encounters.

Originally hailing from Worland, WY, a small town, Rosie relocated to Colorado at the age of three, accompanied by her mother and siblings. This early exposure to change fostered her adaptability and resilience, qualities that have served her well in her career. In her spare time, Rosie indulges in activities such as shopping, exploring new culinary delights, and spending quality time with her beloved dog. However, her true joy lies in cherishing moments with her friends and family, as they hold a special place in her heart.

We would not be us without our amazing team of salon coordinators. Our salon coordinators keep our books full and organized, Our salon clean and sanitized, Our clients informed and cared for. We could not do what we do without the hardworking team of salon coordinators at latherhouse.

Salon Coordinators


Meet Matthew, one of latherhouse's talented salon managers, with a unique specialization in sales and client relations. With a background that spans across some of the most iconic cities in the United States, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York City, he brings a cosmopolitan flair to his role.

Born and raised in the charming town of Arvada, Matthew has a deep connection to the state of Colorado. His roots run deep as his family is one of the original pioneering families of the state, contributing to its rich history.

Aside from his career in the salon industry, Matthew is a creative force to be reckoned with. He co-founded, produced, and financed a sensational summer dance party in downtown Los Angeles called "Summertramp," showcasing his ability to bring people together for memorable experiences.

Matthew's creativity extends beyond the dance floor. He has a passion for drawing and the delicate art of soft sculpting fiber. This artistic spirit reflects his commitment to self-expression and innovation.

In his personal life, Matthew shares his home with a beloved feline companion named Sarah Jessica Parker. While he may spend a lot of time in the kitchen crafting culinary delights, he often chooses not to indulge, showing his unwavering discipline and dedication to a balanced lifestyle.

Matthew's journey to becoming a salon manager wasn't without its challenges. He attended beauty school not once but twice before finding his true calling in the industry, proving that the third time is indeed a charm.

Above all else, Matthew believes in the power of integrity over intention. This principle guides his interactions with clients, colleagues, and friends, ensuring that he maintains the highest standards of professionalism and trustworthiness.

As the youngest of three siblings, Matthew's unique perspective and innovative spirit shine through in everything he does. Whether he's managing a salon, producing unforgettable events, or pursuing his artistic passions, Matthew brings a touch of elegance, creativity, and integrity to every facet of his life.